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Lafayette Square Community Garden


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Lafayette Square Community Garden 



 Introduction to the Garden

The Lafayette Square Community Garden, created in 1997 at the corner of Park and Dolman Avenues in Lafayette Square, is dedicated to developing community, healthy eating and to the generation of wild ideas and imaginings among its gardeners. In past years gardeners have grown a multitude of vegetables, spices and annual flowers; there have been paper makers, natural dye makers and herbalists. Whatever your interests, we welcome you to join us on a first come first served basis.

The Lafayette Square neighborhood was able to acquire the garden in perpetuity as a pocket park and community garden from the City of St Louis in 2007, placing it in the Gateway Greening Land Trust and in our hearts forever.

The agreements we made to allow the Garden to remain a green space were to maintain the beauty of that corner, increase the number of beds (7 beds in 2007 and 5 beds in 2010), create a grand entryway along Park Avenue utilizing columns and iron fencing, and make green space available for all to enjoy by maintaining a green park-like setting, which would allow for the running of kids and dogs at Community Garden events and fundraisers. 


 Watering Instructions

Main Garden:
The main garden will be watered 3 times per week by volunteers (thank you!), but if you want to hand water, lift the red pump handle in the main garden (close to the fence along Dolman about one third of the way to the alley), and follow the hose. Sometimes the splitter on the red pump handle needs to be turned to get water where you want it.

North Garden:
The north garden will be watered 3 times per week by volunteers (thank you!). If you need to hand water, there is a reel of hose in the back of the main garden (along the Dolman fence, close to the alley bins) which reaches the north garden. BEFORE LIFTING THE RED PUMP HANDLE in the old garden, TURN THE HAND SCREW SO THAT THE WATER COMES OUT TO THE NORTH GARDEN HOSE AND NOT THE MAIN GARDEN HOSE. Please roll up the hose after use and don't leave it to get run over in the alley. Please do not touch anything else having to do with the watering system set-up.


New Garden Fence 
by Jennifer WestonNo presence information
 12/11/2013 11:26 AM


Old Fence Comes Down 
by Jennifer WestonNo presence information
 9/16/2013 9:17 AM

photo 2.JPG

Mike Claire.jpg

New Garden Gates 
by Jennifer WestonNo presence information
 5/28/2013 8:16 PM

New Garden Gates.JPG

Garden fence demolished in preparation for new entrance! 
by Jennifer WestonNo presence information
 3/14/2013 9:14 AM

2013Mar10_LSCG_FenceDemolition.jpg  Jay, Al & George

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